Rural Wisconsin Women Expect Local Hospitals to Offer Full Range of Reproductive Services, Study Shows—But Many Catholic Hospitals Limit Patients’ Options

New CORE research, led by Dr. Renee D. Kramer and colleagues, sheds light on Wisconsin women’s expectations about whether they can access a range of reproductive healthcare options at a Catholic hospital—and whether those expectations …

When It Comes to Contraceptive Use, Sexual Impacts Matter: CORE Director Jenny Higgins and Colleagues Publish New Study in JAMA Internal Medicine

This week CORE Director Jenny Higgins and colleagues published a new article in JAMA Internal Medicine, titled “Association Between Patients’ Perceptions of the Sexual Acceptability of Contraceptive Methods and Continued Use Over Time.” “Our study shows that people’s sexual experiences of their contraceptive method seem to matter a lot in whether people like their method and use it over time. It’s important that we pay more attention to sexual acceptability in our contraceptive research, clinical care, and education,” Dr. Higgins said.