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CORE Publications and Resources: Legislation and Health Policy

Legislation and Health Policy

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Expert participation in 25 years of Wisconsin abortion policymaking. Romell et al., Contraception, 2021.

Policy impacts on contraceptive access in the United States: a scoping review. Swan, Journal of Population Research, 2023.

Prenatal substance use policies and infant maltreatment reports. Maclean et al., Health Affairs, 2022.

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Reproductive autonomy is nonnegotiable, even in the time of COVID-19. Senderowicz and Higgins, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2020.

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Supply-side versus demand-side unmet need: Implications for family planning programs. Senderowicz and Maloney, Population and Development Review, 2022.

Research Briefs

Ideological bias in abortion-related legislation and public hearings in Wisconsin

Topical Briefs

Gender-affirming hormone therapy in Wisconsin: Opportunity to expand access by enabling family planning providers to bill Medicaid

Self-managed abortion

The new Texas abortion ban and its implications for Wisconsin

The potential impact of pharmacists prescribing hormonal contraceptives in Wisconsin

Roe v. Wade’s fall: Consequences for Wisconsin

The Supreme Court’s June Medical Services Decision: Implications for Wisconsin and the importance of science in shaping abortion healthcare policy

Impact of recent changes to the Title X program in Wisconsin

What would happen if reproductive healthcare providers were unable to participate in the Wisconsin Medicaid program?

Wisconsin Family Planning Only Services Program

Wisconsin reproductive health policy timeline, 2010-2019 (narrative)

Wisconsin reproductive health policy timeline, 2010-2019 (image)

Wisconsin state laws impacting abortion access (revised September 2023)

Wisconsin’s “Unborn Child Protection Act” (Act 292): Implementation and consequences