Press Release: UW CORE Study Highlights Physicians’ Attitudes Toward Abortion; Research Brief Reveals Majority Support for Abortion Access

A new study by UW-Madison researchers documents overwhelming support of abortion services among faculty physicians at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, with more than three-quarters of doctors expressing support for abortion access and more than nine in ten expressing concern about abortion restrictions. CORE, the UW Collaborative for Reproductive Equity, shares these findings in the research brief “Physician Support of Unrestricted Abortion Services in Wisconsin.”

New Brief: Wisconsin’s Proposed Changes to Reproductive Health Funding

NEW CORE BRIEF: What would happen if reproductive healthcare providers were unable to participate in the Wisconsin Medicaid program? Members of the Wisconsin state legislature recently passed new legislation that would prohibit healthcare organizations that …

Ending Abortion Access Will Have Significant Harmful Consequences for Individual and Families, CORE Researchers and Other Social Science Experts Tell Supreme Court

CORE Researchers and other social science experts provided information to the Supreme Court indicating their concerns about the consequences of ending abortion access.

Rural Wisconsin Women Expect Local Hospitals to Offer Full Range of Reproductive Services, Study Shows—But Many Catholic Hospitals Limit Patients’ Options

New CORE research, led by Dr. Renee D. Kramer and colleagues, sheds light on Wisconsin women’s expectations about whether they can access a range of reproductive healthcare options at a Catholic hospital—and whether those expectations …

Reddit data provides new source for exploring how people make decisions about their abortions – New AJOG Publication

A new article published by CORE Researchers Laura Jacques, MD, Emma Carpenter, PhD, Taryn Valley, MA, Barbara Alvarez, MS, and Jenny Higgins, PhD, MPH was recently published in the prestigious American Journal of Obstetrics and …