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STAT: Hospitals largely keep quiet on maternal care since Dobbs, STAT survey finds (4/22/24)

WORT 89.8 FM: Reproductive Research At UW’s CORE With Zakiyyah Sorensen And Mfonobong Ufot (4/9/24)

Ripon Commonwealth Press: Women’s health in Wisconsin addressed by panel (4/5/24)

Science Friday: Abortion-Restrictive States Leave Ob-Gyns with Tough Choices (3/15/24)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Fact check: Claim that pregnancy can be detected the day after conception is false (3/8/24)

The 19th: For some pregnant patients, unregulated anti-abortion centers are the only affordable option (2/9/24)

WPR: Reproductive healthcare in Wisconsin (1/26/24)

The 19th: Even at March for Life, abortion opponents don’t talk about a national ban (1/19/24)

CBS 58: Study: More than 1,500 estimated births in Wisconsin after abortion access was paused after Roe v. Wade was overturned (1/2/24)

WPR: How did the Dobbs decision affect the birth rate in Wisconsin? (1/2/24)

Politico: How abortion coverage changed in the media, according to the data (12/27/23)

Wisconsin State Journal: UW professors:  Dobbs forced at least 1,500 unintended births, causing harm to Wisconsin communities (12/14/23)

WPR: What a new legal ruling could mean for abortion access in Wisconsin (12/12/23)

WPR: After latest ruling, what abortion restrictions still exist in Wisconsin? (12/6/23)

Wisconsin Examiner: Democrats propose eliminating Wisconsin abortion restrictions, requiring all-options counseling (11/2/23)

News 3: Dems introduce reproductive rights bill, anticipating overturning of state ban (11/1/23)

WORT 89.9 FM: Impacts Of Planned Parenthood’s Decision To Restart Abortion Services In Wisconsin (10/2/23)

Wisconsin Examiner: Commentary: More physicians need to speak out against attacks on health care — and employers need to let us (9/25/23)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: What can we learn from data on women who got abortions in Wisconsin prior to Dobbs ruling? (9/22/23)

The Badger Herald: Planned Parenthood Wisconsin to resume abortion services at two locations (9/14/23)

Mother Jones: Planned Parenthood Will Resume Abortion Services in Wisconsin. That Doesn’t Mean Everything Is Fixed. (9/14/23)

PBS Wisconsin: What is ‘abortion reversal’ and where do doctors stand on its practice? (8/17/23)

NBC News: What it’s like for doctors in Wisconsin to follow an 1849 abortion law in 2023 (7/22/23)

WPR: The FDA has approved an over-the-counter birth control pill. Here’s what it could mean for Wisconsin (7/14/23)

WPR: How increasing access to birth control could impact reproductive health in Wisconsin (6/26/23)

Cap Times: In first year post-Roe, Wisconsin sees rush on contraceptive care (6/24/23)

CBS 58: Impact of overturning of Roe v. Wade in Wisconsin, region (6/23/23)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Even if Wisconsin abortion ban overturned, women will face obstacles to care (6/22/23)

WPR: One year into Wisconsin’s abortion ban, struggle over access continues across state borders (6/22/23)

As Goes Wisconsin: Wisconsin a year after the Dobbs decision (6/13/23)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Lawmaker accuses Senate leader of ‘squashing debate’ on bill to loosen Wisconsin’s abortion law (5/19/23)

Tone Madison: Contraception has a new weight post-Roe in Madison (5/11/23)

WISC-TV: What to expect in case challenging Wisconsin’s abortion ban (5/4/23)

Wisconsin Examiner: Some could use support after abortion. But quality care can be hard to find. (5/1/23)

WORT 89.9 FM: Accurate And Inclusive Sexual And Reproductive Health Information At The Library (4/25/23)

WI Latino News: Statewide Consequences Of Restricted Abortion Access (4/21/23)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: National report finds sharp decline in abortions in the US since Dobbs decision (4/18/23)

The Badger Herald: Wisconsin Attorney General joins multistate coalition to preserve abortion pill access (4/18/23)

WORT 89.9 FM: What Now For Medication Abortions? (4/17/23)

FOX 6 Milwaukee: Despite Wisconsin abortion ban, mifepristone used by doctors (4/16/23)

The Cap Times: Report: Wisconsin saw virtually complete abortion stoppage after Dobbs (4/11/23)

Ms.: The Truth About the Adoption Option (4/5/23)

MSNBC: Prof. Tiffany Green: Residents in Wisconsin were living in post-Roe world before Dobbs decision (3/25/23)

WISC-TV: Studies show rates of Black infant, maternal deaths increase in 2020, 2021 (3/22/23)

NPR: How the overturn of Roe v. Wade is impacting medical students entering gynecology (3/18/23)

Capital B: Medical Racism’s Role in the Recent Spike in Maternal Mortality (3/16/23)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Republicans announce abortion bill allowing exceptions for rape and incest. Here’s why the bill won’t become law. (3/15/23)

On Wisconsin: Fixing the Future (2/28/23)

WPR: Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to begin vasectomy services in Milwaukee (2/13/23)

New York Times: Childbirth is deadlier for black families even when they’re rich, expansive study finds (2/12/23)

Grid: How Wisconsin’s upcoming Supreme Court election became a referendum on abortion access (1/26/23)

Wisconsin Examiner: How are Wisconsin women doing under the 1849 ban? (1/24/23)

PNAS: COVID-19 increases pregnancy risks. Poorer communities shoulder most of the burden (12/23/22)

Badger Herald: Senator Tammy Baldwin introduces legislation to secure abortion funding (12/13/22)

WPR: Sen. Tammy Baldwin proposes federal travel funding for abortion seekers (12/12/22)

NPR: Because of Wisconsin’s abortion ban, one mother gave up trying for another child (12/9/22)

Madison Magazine: Wisconsin before and after Roe v. Wade fell (12/2/22)

The Cap Times: Do crisis pregnancy centers help women or mislead them? (11/30/22)

Wisconsin Health News: Wisconsinites see increased travel times to access abortion services (11/8/22)

WUWM: Wisconsin’s OBGYN shortage may worsen with abortion law (11/7/22)

Cap Times: Report: Dobbs decision could decrease abortions in Wisconsin by 20% (11/4/22)

Milwaukee Magazine: The state of abortion in Wisconsin (11/2/22)

Badger Herald: CORE study projects drastic decrease in Wisconsin abortion access following Dobbs decision (11/2/22)

WPR: Abortion training is part of medical school curriculum, but some Wisconsin programs are having trouble providing it post Roe (11/2/22)

Mother Jones: The path to restoring abortion access in Wisconsin hinges on the November midterms (10/28/22)

WPR: While enforceability of 1849 abortion ban is debated, health experts worry about OB-GYN recruitments (10/11/22)

Grid: More doctors are speaking out against abortion bans ahead of the 2022 midterm elections (10/11/22)

NPR: Changes to abortion laws mean OB-GYNs have less opportunities to learn the procedure (10/6/22)

USA Today: After Roe v. Wade, abortion bans from the 1800s became legal matters in these states (10/1/2022)

New York Times: Medical impact of Roe reversal goes well beyond abortion clinics, doctors say (9/10/2022)

The Hechinger Report. Overturning Roe created new barriers, not just to abortion, but to OB-GYN training (9/2/22)

WORT 89.9 FM: All pregnancy care just got harder (8/9/2022)

Daily Cardinal: UW-Madison unlikely to provide abortion medication despite growing demand (8/4/2022)

19th News: A slew of abortion clinics are opening in New Mexico. Crisis pregnancy centers are, too (7/20/2022)

WPR: Is it legal to access abortion pills through the mail in Wisconsin? (7/20/2022)

Good Housekeeping: Videos of IUD insertions have gone viral on TikTok — Here’s what really happens (7/19/2022)

Mother Jones: How close to death does a person have to be to qualify for an abortion ban exemption? (7/15/2022)

Wisconsin Examiner: Wisconsin health providers navigate a new world without abortion rights (7/15/2022)

CNN: Doctors worry that online misinformation will push abortion-seekers toward ineffective, dangerous methods (7/13/22)

Mother Jones: Why progressive prosecutors won’t save us in a post-Roe world (7/12/2022)

Spectrum: Doctors deal with uncertainty, ethical decisions tied to abortion ruling (7/1/2022)

WKOW: Many women confused by the difference between abortion pills and emergency contraceptives (6/30/2022)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: In a post-Roe world, some medical students rethink plans to practice in Wisconsin (6/29/2022)

Tone Madison: Sizing up Wisconsin’s bleak legal outlook for abortion (6/29/22)

WKOW: Experts say Roe v. Wade overturn will disproportionately affect communities of color (6/28/2022)

Grid News: Will women be prosecuted for abortion? (6/28/2022)

Wisconsin Public Radio: Out-of-state abortion providers prepare to help Wisconsin patients after Supreme Court overturns Roe (6/28/2022)

Tone Madison: “People are going to die” (6/27/2022)

WISC-TV: Local abuse, rape victim advocates worry about consequences of Roe reversal (6/27/2022)

WISC-TV: Options for Wisconsinites seeking abortion remain, but health experts say not ideal (6/26/2022)

The New York Times: Century-old state laws could determine where abortion is legal (6/25/2022)

Wisconsin Public Radio: Wisconsin doctors scramble to understand abortion care post Roe v. Wade (6/25/2022)

The Journal Times: Plan B pill still legal in Wisconsin, “abortion pill” now may be illegal (6/24/2022)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Here’s how Wisconsin leaders, politicians and others are reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade (6/24/2022)

Kenosha News: Area leaders, politicians speak out on Roe v. Wade (6/24/2022)

WKOW: Wisconsin women look to border states for abortion access (6/24/2022)

WDJT: How the SCOTUS overturning of Roe v. Wade affects Wisconsin (6/24/2022)

Spectrum: UW Professor discusses what SCOTUS ruling means for women in Wisconsin (6/24/2022)

STAT News: These researchers study abortion in states likely to ban it. That will make their jobs even harder (6/21/2022)

Wisconsin Examiner: Medical training programs teach abortion procedures. What happens if abortion is outlawed? (6/13/2022)

PBS Wisconsin: Abortion access and maternal health disparities (6/10/2022)

Wisconsin Examiner: Abortion care on wheels: Just the Pill pioneers a novel approach to protecting reproductive health care access (6/7/2022)

Wisconsin Watch: Wisconsin faces a ‘tangled series’ of abortion laws dating back to 1849 as it heads into a possible post-Roe future (6/4/2022)

WTMJ: Overturning Roe v Wade. What does it mean for Wisconsin women? (6/2/2022)

Green Bay Press Gazette: Wisconsin law bans rape and incest victims from getting abortions (6/1/2022)

PBS Wisconsin: The perspectives doctors hold toward abortion (5/20/2022)

The New Yorker: The devastating economic impacts of an abortion ban (5/11/2022)

Wisconsin Public Radio: Where Wisconsinites stand on abortion access (5/11/2022)

Talking Points Memo: Codifying abortion rights in a federal law is not a silver bullet (5/6/2022)

Wisconsin Public Radio: State data: About 6,400 abortions were performed in Wisconsin in 2020 (5/5/2022)

Green Bay Press Gazette: Wisconsin abortions declined 60% in three decades, new report shows (5/5/2022)

Badger Herald: Hundreds protest outside capitol in response to Supreme Court draft overturning Roe v. Wade (5/5/2022)

WDJT: A look at abortion by the numbers in Wisconsin, US  (5/4/2022)

WDJT: Some worry women will seek unsafe abortion options if current access becomes limited (5/4/2022)

The 19th: Pushback on Louisiana’s scuttled abortion bill reveals a limit on how far anti-abortion groups are willing to go (5/3/2022)

WDJT: Views on abortion to shake up campaigns, Upcoming elections in Wisconsin (5/3/2022)

Channel 3000: Would counties enforce 1849 anti-abortion statute? (5/3/2022)

WORT: State And local lawmakers react to SCOTUS apparent intent to overturn Roe v Wade (5/3/2022)

Wisconsin Public Radio: Fetal heartbeat bill in Legislature divides abortion foes, political candidates (2/21/2022)

NBC 26: State advocacy groups react to Wisconsin Senate bill that would prohibit abortion after detection of a heartbeat (2/9/2022)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: More than 1 in 5 Women Have Irregular Menstrual Cycles. What Does That Mean for Abortion Access? (1/27/2022)

WUWM: Study finds 1 in 5 women are unlikely to know they’re pregnant until after six weeks, due to common irregularities in periods (1/22/20222)

The Capitol Times: Irregular menstrual cycles may prevent women from accessing abortions (1/3/2022)

Medscape: Irregular periods in many young women may mean late pregnancy detection (12/28/2021)

UW News: Window to access legal abortion may close before many women know they are pregnant (12/27/2021)

NBC 15: If Roe is overturned, an old Wisconsin law could bar performing some abortions (11/30/2021)

Badger Herald: Two steps forward, three steps back: some fear for the future of the right to choose (10/25/2021)

Channel 3000: Anti-abortion bills clearing state senate part of 10-year trend toward more state restrictions (10/20/2021)

WORT: Her Turn with Arlene Zaucha (10/3/2021)

The New York Times: What happens if Roe v. Wade is overturned?  (10/15/2020)

WUWM: Getting a legal abortion in Wisconsin is even harder because of COVID-19 (6/15/2020)

Wisconsin Public Radio: The political language of abortion and its impact on legislation (7/25/2019)


Tiffany Green and Jenny Higgins: Dobbs forced at least 1,500 unintended births, causing harm to Wisconsin communities, Wisconsin State Journal (12/14/23)

Jenny Higgins and Amy Williamson: Even if Wisconsin abortion ban overturned, women will face obstacles to care, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (6/22/23)

Jenny Higgins, Laura Jacques, and Taryn Valley: Ending access to legal abortion has potentially deadly health consequences for Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (5/3/2022)

Daniela Mansbach and Alisa Von Hagel: Anti-abortion bills get the ink while reproductive justice gets ignored, The Capitol Times (12/9/2021)

Laura Jacques and Abigail Cutler: Texas abortion ban could happen here in Wisconsin, Wisconsin State Journal (9/23/2021)

Jenny Higgins and Laurel Rice: Access to contraception and abortion is as critical as ever during COVID-19 pandemic, The Capitol Times (4/9/2020)

Press Releases

UW CORE study highlights physicians’ attitudes toward abortion: Research brief reveals majority support for abortion access (11/17/2021)

Reddit yields new information about how people make personal decisions about abortion—and how the internet shapes their decisions (6/30/2021)

When it comes to contraceptive use, sexual impacts matter: UW-Madison CORE Director Jenny Higgins and colleagues publish new study in JAMA Internal Medicine  (4/27/2021)


Women’s Healthcast: Contraceptive Coercion (Swan) (11/29/23)

Women’s Healthcast: E-Visits for contraception (Bennett) (10/11/23)

Women’s Healthcast: Privacy, security, and cycle tracking apps (Nobles) (8/4/22)

Women’s Healthcast: The state of abortion rights in 2022 (Higgins)  (6/1/2022)

Women’s Healthcast: Vulvar health, care and cleaning (Jacques) (3/3/2021)

Women’s Healthcast: Universal contraceptive care (Rice) (1/8/2021)

Wide Awake in Wisconsin: A closer look at studying the impact of policies with Dr. Jenny Higgins (10/8/2020)

Women’s Healthcast: Rhythm method 2.0 (Bennett) (8/14/2019)

Women’s Healthcast: Mind the pleasure gap (Higgins) (12/12/2018)

Women’s Healthcast: All about birth control, Part 2 (Bennett) (7/11/2018)

Women’s Healthcast: All about birth control, Part 1 (Bennett) (6/27/2018)