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CORE in the News

The Devastating Economic Impacts of An Abortion Ban – The New Yorker Quotes Tiffany Green (5/11/2022)

Where Wisconsinites Stand on Abortion Access – Higgins on The Morning Show (5/11/2022)

State data: About 6,400 abortions were performed in Wisconsin in 2020 WPR (5/5/2022)

Wisconsin abortions declined 60% in three decades, new report shows – Green Bay Press Gazette (5/5/2022)

Higgins Quoted in Badger Herald (5/5/2022)

A look at abortion by the numbers in Wisconsin, US – CBS 58 Milwaukee (5/4/2022)

Some worry women will seek unsafe abortion options if current access becomes limited (5/4/2022)

Op-Ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Ending Access to Legal Abortion has Potentially Deadly Health Consequences for Wisconsin (5/3/2022)

Views on Abortion to Shake up Campaigns, Upcoming Elections in Wisconsin (5/3/2022)

Would Counties Enforce 1849 Anti-Abortion Statute? Channel 3000 Interviews Higgins (5/3/2022)

Wisconsin Public Radio Includes Dr. Nobles’ Research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2/21/2022)

Dr. Jenna Nobles Interviewed by NBC 26 Green Bay About Wisconsin Senate Bill 923 (2/9/2022)

More than 1 in 5 Women Have Irregular Menstrual Cycles. What Does That Mean for Abortion Access? – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1/27/2022)

Study Finds 1 in 5 Women Are Unlikely to Know They’re Pregnant Until After Six Weeks, Due to Common Irregularities in Periods – WUWM-Milwaukee (1/22/20222)

Irregular Menstrual Cycles May Prevent Women from Accessing AbortionsThe Capitol Times (1/3/2022)

Irregular Periods in Many Young Women May Mean Late Pregnancy Detection – Medscape (12/28/2021)

Window to Access Legal Abortion May Close Before Many Women Know They Are Pregnant – UW News (12/27/2021)

Anti-Abortion Bills Get the Ink While Reproductive Justice Gets Ignored – Op-Ed Article by Professors Daniela Mansbach and Alisa Von Hagel (12/9/2021)

If Roe is Overturned, an Old Wisconsin Law Could Bar Performing Some Abortions – NBC-15 WMTV (11/30/2021)

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back: Some Fear for the Future of the Right to Choose – The Badger Herald (10/25/2021)

Anti-Abortion Bills Clearing State Senate Part of 10-Year Trend Toward More State Restrictions – Channel 3000 (10/20/2021)

Her Turn with Arlene Zaucha – Professor Jenny Higgins interviewed on WORT-FM Radio Station (10/3/2021)

Drs. Laura Jacques and Abigail Cutler: Texas Abortion Ban Could Happen Here in Wisconsin – Wisconsin State Journal (9/23/2021)

What Happens if Roe v. Wade is Overturned? Citing Research by CORE’s Venator and Fletcher – The New York Times (10/15/2020)

Getting a Legal Abortion in Wisconsin is Even Harder Because of COVID-19 – WUWM-Milwaukee (6/15/2020)

Access to Contraception and Abortion is as Critical as Ever During COVID-19 Pandemic – The Capitol Times (4/9/2020)

The Political Language of Abortion and Its Impact on Legislation – Wisconsin Public Radio (7/25/2019)

Press Releases

UW CORE Study Highlights Physicians’ Attitudes Toward Abortion: Research Brief Reveals Majority Support for Abortion Access (11/17/2021)

Reddit Yields New Information about how People Make Personal Decisions about Abortion—and how the Internet Shapes their Decisions (6/30/2021)

When It Comes to Contraceptive Use, Sexual Impacts Matter: UW-Madison CORE Director Jenny Higgins and Colleagues Publish New Study in JAMA Internal Medicine  (4/27/2021)


Women’s Healthcast – Dr. Laura Jacques Interviewed on UW-Madison Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Podcast on Vulvar Health (3/3/2021)

Women’s Healthcast – Dr. Laurel Rice Interviewed on UW-Madison Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Podcast on Contraceptive Care (1/8/2021)

Wide Awake in Wisconsin – A Closer Look at Studying the Impact of Policies with Dr. Jenny Higgins (10/8/2020)

Women’s Healthcast – Dr. Eliza Bennett Interviewed About Fertility Tracking Apps, the Rhythm Method, and Contraception (8/14/2019)

Women’s Healthcast – Dr. Jenny Higgins Interviewed about the Pleasure Gap and the Importance of Sexuality in Contraceptive Use and Research (12/12/2018)

Women’s Healthcast – About Birth Control with Dr. Eliza Bennett, Part 2 (7/11/2018)

Women’s Healthcast – All About Birth Control with Dr. Eliza Bennett, Part 1 (6/27/2018)