About CORE

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Our Mission

CORE conducts and translates rigorous, interdisciplinary research to inform policies and programs so that all Wisconsinites may live with reproductive autonomy–able to make decisions about their reproductive health and access needed services without interference or coercion.

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Our Vision

All people in Wisconsin have unhindered access to the full range of high-quality, evidence-based reproductive health information and services. These services are easy to access and affordable to all. Services provided are inclusive, non-coercive, and consistent with principles of reproductive dignity.

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Our Goals

Conduct high-quality, rigorous, policy-relevant, and community-engaged interdisciplinary research on reproductive health and healthcare in Wisconsin. Disseminate findings to inform and improve reproductive health programs and policies in Wisconsin.


CORE is organized around five intersecting Hubs that provide the infrastructure needed to achieve CORE’s research and dissemination goals.


CORE Community Connections

CORE works closely with a network of organizations and local leaders to ensure that our work is relevant to those most impacted by reproductive health inequities and policy changes. CORE collaborates with community-based organizations, advocacy organizations, public health departments, and healthcare providers. Many of our partners serve individual Wisconsin residents and families across the state who access reproductive health services and information.

CORE staff also serve on state and local coalitions and committees in support of reproductive health, rights, and justice.

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