Study: Access to contraceptive care has worsened in Wisconsin post-Dobbs

A recent Guttmacher Institute study conducted in Wisconsin and three other states before and after the Dobbs ruling shows that people are experiencing worsening contraceptive care in the landmark decision’s aftermath.

The study finds several concerning trends in access to contraceptive care in Wisconsin after Dobbs. Notably, contraceptive access and quality of care have declined during this period, and barriers have increased — precisely when contraceptive care has become more important than ever amid restrictions on abortion access.

Comparing a survey of reproductive-aged women in Wisconsin before Dobbs (2021) and after Dobbs (September 2022-August 2023), the study shows:

  • A 4% increase in troubles or delays in accessing preferred contraception
  • A 7% decrease in receipt of contraceptive care
  • A 12% decrease in receipt of high-quality care among those receiving contraceptive care

The findings underscore the need for evidence-based policies and programs to meet people’s contraceptive needs and ensure access to sexual and reproductive healthcare more broadly in Wisconsin and beyond.