New research on health promoters and reproductive justice

Promotoras de salud
Promotores de salud pose for a picture at the Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Safe Healthy Strong Conference (courtesy of Rachel Bloom-Pojar)

CORE friends Rachel Bloom-Pojar (UW-Milwaukee) and Maria Barker (Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin) recently published a paper on the role of confianza in community-engaged work for reproductive justice. The paper describes their work with Latinx communities in Wisconsin, promotores de salud from those communities, and Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. They conclude that building confianza — often translated as trust or confidence but which more broadly encompasses “loyalty, having someone’s back, humility, helping, being there no matter what, doing what is best for a person” — is an integral component to reproductive justice research. You can find the full text article here, and a summary here.