Roe v. Wade’s Fall: Consequences for Wisconsin

photograph of the Supreme Court. Tall columns are flanked on a stone building by a blue sky with clouds.

CORE has paid close attention to the leaked draft opinion in the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that suggests Roe v Wade will be overturned. The opinion is not final; abortion remains legal, and clinics are still open. However, pending changes to abortion access in Wisconsin are extremely likely.

CORE has prepared a brief that reviews the potential legal scenarios and consequences of the Supreme Court’s forthcoming final decision. If Roe is officially overturned by the Court, abortion services in Wisconsin will almost certainly be unavailable. Research suggests that the denial of desired abortion services will have serious repercussions for the lives, families, and communities of Wisconsinites forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term.

Here at CORE, we document the determinants of reproductive equity, including the impact of abortion access (or lack thereof) on Wisconsinites’ heath and wellbeing across the life course. We will continue to conduct policy-relevant research and produce evidence-based materials—both for this moment and for the long haul. We are also committed to listening to and collaborating with organizations who work to advance reproductive equity on multiple levels.

Learn more at our latest CORE brief, “What Would Happen In Wisconsin if Roe v. Wade Falls? Consequences of the Upcoming Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court Decision.”