Senderowicz and Higgins: Reproductive autonomy is nonnegotiable, even in the time of COVID-19

CORE researchers Leigh Senderowicz and Jenny Higgins published an article in the journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health outlining concerns about ways COVID-19 threatens reproductive autonomy now and into the future, including additional barriers to abortion access and contraceptive services. You can read the article here.

All communities need access to high-quality, noncoercive services that offer the full range of contraceptive and reproductive options. We can harness the urgency of this time not only
to resist rolling back pre-COVID reproductive rights, but to seize the opportunity to demand greater reproductive autonomy for all individuals worldwide. These efforts could include increasing access to clinic-based and self-managed abortion, as well as to a wide contraceptive method mix. Such endeavors should go hand in hand with broader demands to expand reproductive autonomy, such as affordable treatments for involuntary infertility, queer-inclusive reproductive health care, and care practices that acknowledge and seek to dismantle structural racism. (Senderowicz and Higgins)