CORE Research Exchange

2nd Annual CORE Research Exchange Virtual Event 9am-3:15pm October 22, 2021On Friday, October 22, 2021, CORE, the Collaborative for Reproductive Equity, is hosting a Research Exchange virtual event. The focus is on reproductive health, equity, and autonomy in Wisconsin and beyond. Research Exchange will run from  9:00 AM to 3:15 PM CT. Speakers will include community-based leaders, health and equity researchers, and reproductive care professionals. Our hope is that attendees will come ready to listen, share, connect, and learn from one another.

Research Exchange is free to attend.

Renee Bracey Sherman will be our morning keynote speaker.

The event will be held on Zoom. Register here.

We hope you will join us then!

Schedule of Events

Start Session Title Speaker(s) Affliation
9:00 AM Welcome Jenny Higgins CORE
9:10 AM Morning Keynote: Centering the Experiences of People Who Have Abortions to Deepen Our Research and and Its Impacts Renee Bracey Sherman We Testify
Topic: Black Women’s Reproductive and Maternal Health
9:30 AM The Impact of Mandatory Counseling and Waiting Periods on Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive Health Tiffany Green UW-Madison, Departments of Population Health Sciences and Obstetrics and Gynecology
9:45 AM How Do Multiple and Intersecting Oppressions Affect Pregnancy Intentions?: A Mixed Methods Study of African American Women in Milwaukee Jill Denson Public Health Madison Dane County
10:00 AM The Calabash of Reproductive Justice: From the Roots to Ripe Fruit Lyanne Jordan Maroon Calabash
10:15 AM Facilitated Q&A Zakiyyah Sorensen CORE
10:25 AM Break
Topic: Medication Abortion in Wisconsin
10:35 AM “The Single Biggest Problem with Access”: How a Confluence of Legislative Restrictions Impact Patient and Provider Medication Abortion Experiences in Wisconsin Laura Jacques UW-Madison, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
10:50 AM Abortion Access Litigation in Wisconsin: Planned Parenthood v. Kaul Mel Barnes Law Forward
11:05 AM Just the Pill: Patient Perspectives on Care During Self-Managed Abortion Kelly Marie Ward UW-Madison, Departments of Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology
11:20 AM Facilitated Q&A
11:30 AM Concurrent Breakout Sessions – Choose One
Topic: Access to Contraception in Wisconsin
11:30 AM Religious Restrictions on Reproductive Healthcare: Wisconsin Patient Perspectives Renee Kramer UW-Madison, CORE and Population Heath PhD Alumna
11:45 AM Guttmacher Reproductive Health Impact Study: What Policy Change in Wisconsin Means for Wisconsinites’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Megan Kavanaugh Guttmacher Institute
12:00 PM Facilitated Q&A
Topic: Criminalizing Pregnancy
11:30 AM Trust Pregnant People: An Introduction to POWERS Ingrid Andersson, Johanna Hatch POWERS
11:45 AM Prenatal Substance Use Policy and Prenatal Care Initiation Christine Durrance UW-Madison, La Follette School of Public Affairs
12:00 PM Facilitated Q&A
12:10 PM Grab your lunch
12:20 PM Lunchtime Session: Communicating and Advocating About Reproductive Health in Wisconsin
12:20 PM How Information Use Shapes Knowledge and Preferences About Abortion Michael Wagner UW-Madison, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
12:35 PM “Roadblocks at Every Turn”: What Experts Tell Us About Their Barriers for Reproductive Health Advocacy Daniela Mansbach UW-Superior, Department of Political Science
12:50 PM Changing Hearts and Minds: Finding Common Ground on Sexual and Reproductive Health Tia Renier Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
1:05 PM Facilitated Q&A
Topic: Threats to Roe vs. Wade
1:15 PM Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: A Direct Threat to Roe and Casey Fajer Saeed Ebrahim Center for Reproductive Rights
1:30 PM Biological Limits to Early Gestation Pregnancy Awareness Jenna Nobles UW-Madison, Department of Sociology
1:45 PM Understanding Where People Seek Abortion Care in Wisconsin Jenny Higgins CORE
2:00 PM Facilitated Q&A
2:10 PM Break
2:20 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions – Choose One
2:20 PM For Researchers – Let’s Talk About IRB!: Inherent Racism and Bigotry in Research Monique Liston Ubuntu Research and Evaluation
2:20 PM For Community Stakeholders – So You Want to Work with Researchers? Here’s What You Need to Know Victoria Faust UW-Madison, Population Health Institute
3:10 PM Thank You and Closing Jenny Higgins, Zakiyyah Sorensen CORE