CORE Research Exchange

Save the Date for the next CORE Research Exchange: January 20, 2023

Madison, WI

This will be a hybrid event.

We hope to see you then!


Research Exchange 2021 information:

2nd Annual CORE Research Exchange Virtual Event 9am-3:15pm October 22, 2021

This event has ended. Thank you to everyone who took part in CORE Research Exchange 2021! 

Schedule of Events

Start Session Title Speaker(s) Affliation
9:00 AM Welcome Jenny Higgins CORE
9:10 AM Morning Keynote: Centering the Experiences of People Who Have Abortions to Deepen Our Research and and Its Impacts

Followed by a Q & A

Renee Bracey Sherman We Testify
Topic: Black Women’s Reproductive and Maternal Health
9:45 AM How Do Multiple and Intersecting Oppressions Affect Pregnancy Intentions?: A Mixed Methods Study of African American Women in Milwaukee Jill Denson Public Health Madison Dane County
10:00 AM The Calabash of Reproductive Justice: From the Roots to Ripe Fruit Lyanne Jordan Maroon Calabash
10:15 AM Facilitated Q&A Zakiyyah Sorensen CORE
10:25 AM Break
Topic: Medication Abortion in Wisconsin
10:35 AM “The Single Biggest Problem with Access”: How a Confluence of Legislative Restrictions Impact Patient and Provider Medication Abortion Experiences in Wisconsin Laura Jacques UW-Madison, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
10:50 AM Abortion Access Litigation in Wisconsin: Planned Parenthood v. Kaul Mel Barnes Law Forward
11:05 AM Just the Pill: Patient Perspectives on Care During Self-Managed Abortion Kelly Marie Ward, Corinne Hale UW-Madison, Departments of Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology
11:20 AM Facilitated Q&A Madison Lands CORE
11:30 AM Concurrent Breakout Sessions – Choose One
Topic: Access to Contraception in Wisconsin
11:30 AM Religious Restrictions on Reproductive Healthcare: Wisconsin Patient Perspectives Renee Kramer UW-Madison, CORE and Population Heath PhD Alumna
11:45 AM Guttmacher Reproductive Health Impact Study: What Policy Change in Wisconsin Means for Wisconsinites’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Megan Kavanaugh Guttmacher Institute
12:00 PM Facilitated Q&A Mfonobong Ufot CORE
Topic: Criminalizing Pregnancy
11:30 AM Trust Pregnant People: An Introduction to POWERS Ingrid Andersson, Johanna Hatch POWERS (Pregnancy Options Wisconsin: Education, Resources, & Support)
11:45 AM Prenatal Substance Use Policy and Prenatal Care Initiation Christine Durrance UW-Madison, La Follette School of Public Affairs
12:00 PM Facilitated Q&A Kendall Newman CORE
12:10 PM Grab your lunch
12:20 PM Lunchtime Session: Communicating and Advocating About Reproductive Health in Wisconsin
12:20 PM How Do People Talk About Reproductive Health and Rights in Wisconsin? Michael Wagner UW-Madison, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
12:35 PM “Roadblocks at Every Turn”: What Experts Tell Us About Their Barriers for Reproductive Health Advocacy Daniela Mansbach UW-Superior, Department of Political Science
12:50 PM Changing Hearts and Minds: Finding Common Ground on Sexual and Reproductive Health Tia Renier Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
1:05 PM Facilitated Q&A Samantha Herndon CORE
Topic: Threats to Roe vs. Wade
1:15 PM Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization: A Direct Threat to Roe and Casey Fajer Saeed Ebrahim Center for Reproductive Rights
1:30 PM Biological Limits to Early Gestation Pregnancy Awareness Jenna Nobles UW-Madison, Department of Sociology
1:45 PM Building An Evidence Base for Reproductive Health Policy: CORE’s Efforts Jenny Higgins CORE
2:00 PM Facilitated Q&A Amy Williamson CORE
2:10 PM Break
2:20 PM Concurrent Breakout Sessions – Choose One
2:20 PM For Researchers – Let’s Talk About IRB!: Inherent Racism and Bigotry in Research Monique Liston Ubuntu Research and Evaluation
2:20 PM For Community Stakeholders – So You Want to Work with Researchers? Here’s What You Need to Know Victoria Faust UW-Madison, Population Health Institute
3:10 PM Thank you/closing Jenny Higgins, Zakiyyah Sorensen CORE