CORE is hiring!

We are seeking to hire two critical team members who will help build CORE and share their expertise in support of its mission. In keeping with CORE’s values, we are especially excited about candidates who represent the diverse communities that CORE serves in its research and related efforts.

The CORE Outreach Lead will be a senior leader on the CORE team who provides vision and leadership to CORE’s partnership building and engagement activities. This staff person will be committed to CORE’s values of autonomy, dignity, and equity and will have lived or professional experience working with communities which experience reproductive inequities. Principal duties include identifying and maintaining external partnerships, leading the CORE Engagement Hub, and developing and delivering CORE’s outreach materials. Please find details, including salary, here.

The CORE Program Coordinator will play a pivotal coordinating role in the center, supporting faculty, staff, and programming to achieve CORE’s mission. This staff person will also be committed to CORE’s values of autonomy, dignity, and equity and will have strong administrative, communications, and organizational skills. Principal duties include development and maintenance of CORE organizational systems and inner workings, logistical efforts around scheduling and event planning, preparation and editing of reports and research documents, and serving as a primary point of contact and distribution person for CORE.

UPDATE 6/8/20:The Program Coordinator position is currently being reclassified and will be re-posted soon. Stay tuned for details!